How I got into the hobby

I got started in Amateur Radio in Junior High when my dad took my brother Don and I to the St. Petersburg, Florida Red Cross building for Ham Radio classes. The instructor, Andy, was great and really made learning the hobby a pleasure. I ended up having a piano recital on the night they were giving the test so I did not get licensed at that point.

Years later, while working at Newsradio 970 WFLA in Tampa, one of our engineers, Paul Sliwa (KB4VC) encouraged me to go back and get my license. I took his advice and did it. I got my ticket as KC4JQD Technician (with code), Paul even loaned me a rig for awhile so I could get on the air.

I was active in Tampa Bay in the Clearwater Amateur Radio Society and with ARES/RACES. I kept working on my morse code speed and eventually I upgraded to General class (with 13 wpm code) and became N4XRO.

In 2004 I moved to Burbank, California and over the past few years I’ve started to become more involved in the hobby with the local ARESLAX group. I’m studying for my Extra Class ticket and having fun trying out different aspects of the hobby.

  • david
  • Ham radio operator for many years