Communications Nets

Radio “nets” are a great way to practice efficient communications and to insure all our equipment is functional and optimized and ready to use in the event of an emergency. A “net” is a regularly scheduled time, day, and frequency where amateur radio operators meet to “check-in” as directed by a “net control operator”. There are many kinds of nets from casual rag-chew nets, swap meet nets, club hangout nets, and emergency preparedness nets.

Here is a partial list of radio nets in the Southern California area. The nets in purple text are ones in which I try to regularly participate. The times listed are in the Pacific Time Zone. Even though some of the nets are for emergency service organizations, most allow visitors and will call for them specifically during the check-ins portion of the net.

FM Repeater Nets
Day  Time  Freq    Offset  Organization
MON  2100  445.820  -      ARES LAX Northwest 
WED  1900  445.260  -      ARES LAX South 
THU  2000  147.735  -      San Fernando Valley Amateur Radio Club 
SUN  2000  146.025  +      Crescenta Valley Radio Club

FM Simplex Nets
Day  Time  Freq     Band     Organization
TUE  2000  145.570   2M      San Fernando Valley Amateur Radio Club
WED  2000  446.500  70cm     SoCal Emergency Net
THU  2100  145.525   2M      ARES LAX Northeast
SAT  2000  146.535   2M      Crescenta Valley Radio Club
SUN  0900  145.570   2M      Lake Balboa Amateur Radio Net
SUN  1000  462.550  GMRS 15  Lake Balboa Neighborhood Net

DMR Digital Nets
Day  Time  Freq    Slot  Group  Color   Org.
Sun  1950  445.68  TS2   TG2    CC1     Crescenta Valley Radio Club

Single Sideband Nets
Day  Time  Freq     Band   Organization
WED  2000   28.310  10M    San Fernando Valley Amateur Radio Club
WED  2015  144.200   2M    SoCal Emergency Net
SUN  2200   14.050  20M    Elecraft Net
MON  0000    7.047  40M    Elecraft Net

Other Communication Mode Nets
Day      Time  Mode     Channel/Freq          Organization
2nd THU  1930  Zello    ARES LAX Northeast    ARES LAX NE
4th THU  1930  Zello    ARES LAX Northeast    ARES LAX NE

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